Virtual Reality Arena Franchise
warpoint arena
Full immersion in cyberspace

- Genre: PVP-shooter
- Multiplayer (5 vs 5)
- Free Roam VR
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Virtual reality of a new generation with unique tracking system and the option of free movement inside the whole game zone. There are no wires, no backpacks, nothing to distract participants. Only helmets and guns.

Our VR-arena is appropriate for both children and adults. It is a great modern alternative for laser tag and paintball.

Arrange the duel and epic fights, destroy your enemies, capture and hold the key points of the game and get bonus points. Create your own tactics and win!
Multiplayer (5 vs 5)
10 players are in the game at the same time. The most popular option is 5 vs 5
Competitive System

Teams get points for "killing" the opponents, capturing and holding the key points
Free Roam VR
The option of free movement inside the whole game zone of 200 – 400 m2
Oculus Quest
Helmets are light, compact, but also productive. Everything is for a comfortable immersion into VR.
virtual reality arena
200 m2
Area at least
30-50 days
Timing of project implementation
$45 000
from 12 month
Return of investments
warpoint arena
The major advantages of our game over home VR are: 1) equipment is wireless, 2) game arenas are spacious. Hence, players' movements are not constrained and the area of the play zone allows one to move actively – it's easy to forget that you're in a game!

Tracking technology: Oculus Quest
location design
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